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About School

During early childhood, more than at any other time in life, learning is holistic. It is a complex interplay between children’s physical, mental, emotional, social, communication and cognitive development. To grow and their young children require nurturing, responsive, stable and stimulating environment.

The curriculum designed to ensure holistic development of your child. At Vijay Kids, we facilitate early childhood care and education by providing a fun-based learning environment through Integrated Approach.

To prepare them for the boundless future ahead, we have adopted an INTEGRATED APPROACH (a combination of play way, Montessori & technology based approach) which enhances learning experiences as a whole and a meaningful concepts. It allows learners to explore, gather, process and engage in purposeful relevant learning. To conclude that together they fulfill the social need for functional knowledge & holistic approach to a child’s development.

Core Values

What Your Child Will Learn in Kindergarten

These days, kindergarten has more of an academic focus than it did in the past. Your little learner will be reading, writing, and learning basic math, while still having time for fun during her school year in kindergarten.

Your little learner will be reading, writing, and learning basic math, while still having time for fun during her school year in kindergarten.


Pre KG


It is designed specifically for young learners. We believe that children need space to grow and develop in large and free flowing classrooms to cater their needs. Child sized furniture and developmentally appropriate materials and activities are provided.



Language acquisition is a key focus to improve outcomes in communication, language and literacy in pre primary years.



Activity room is where children have the opportunity to give full vent to their vivid imagination. The room is equipped with plenty of equipment for developing sensorial, language and arithmetic skills.



Watching movies can be a fun activity in which children can develop their imagination and fantasy. Children have a opportunity to watch stories ranging from familiar fairy tales to modern day adventurous animated movies and documentaries.



We have an extensive indoor play spaces to climb, run, jump and crawl.



We have exceptionally well developed play ground allowing kids to play outside every day. It is a safe and secure environment where the children can observe their surroundings and develop their gross motor skills.



We have created a natural sand pit to discover and experience a great sense of freedom. It allows children to have fun playing, building and modeling objects out of sand. Children love to play in natural surroundings leading to their sensorial development.

Why Parents Choose Vijay Kids


Vijay Kids a pioneer in child care and day care center, has one of the largest play school Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri. The children are taught using the most innovative teaching technique i.e. Interactive Kids. Preschool enrollments open. Enroll today!

Every aspect of human life has been guided by the glory and importance of education, which is why kids education is essential to develop the various skillsets of young minds. To witness such developments, parents can visit the nearest Vijay Kids centres and have a look at their fee structure. Is the fee structure and other benefits provided per the needs of the parents? Likewise, there may be many questions that can occur in the minds of parents.

Most of the parents today are overtly conscious about providing the best education to their children, and intend to prepare them as future citizens of India. For a decade, Vijay Kids school have focused on nurturing the ‘unique potential’ in every child.



Vijay Kids,

Pennagaram Main Road,

Dharmapuri – 636701.

Vijay Kids,

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No.332, Nethaji By-Pass Road,

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Near fire station,

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Old Vivekanandha ITI building,

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Sri Ramulu Nagar,

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